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WMD - free the world
Nuclear Disarmament

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WMD - free the world
Nuclear Disarmament

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Welcome to the Daisy Alliance.

nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament to stop WMDs

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The Daisy Alliance is a nonpartisan grassroots peace organization seeking global security through nuclear nonproliferation, disarmament, and the elimination of all Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)-nuclear, chemical, and biological. We raise funds in order to educate the public in all walks of life about the threat that WMDs pose to civilization.

The world is on the verge of a new era of nuclear proliferation. Russia is once again flexing its military muscles, and there is regional instability in the Middle East with the danger of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. Additionally, chemical and biological terrorism are more of a threat today than ever before, and nuclear terrorism (via nuclear weapons or dirty bombs) is becoming more likely with the unprotected stockpiles of the former Soviet Union and Pakistan (potentially).

The Daisy Alliance seeks peace by building global security through an alliance of businesses and concerned citizens who believe, as we do, that these dangers are too great to risk.

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Toward this end, the founder of Daisy Alliance, Bruce Roth, has written a layperson's guide to WMDs, No Time To Kill. It views WMDs, terrorism, and genocide through the lenses of anthropology, psychology, foreign policy, religious violence, the history of war, and the rule of law. No Time To Kill not only discusses these problems-it also proposes a reasonable solution to make the planet safer--an approach to peace and security never tried before.

Order a Daisy Alliance Lapel Pin and/or No Time To Kill to show your support for peace and security through nonproliferation and disarmament. Join our fight against nuclear weapons and other WMDs today.

Records on Nuclear Nonproliferation  View the Congressional Nonproliferation Voting Records from 1990-2010.


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Support disarmament and nuclear nonproliferation and stop WMDs.